Travel and Subsistence guide

Travel and subsistence expenses

The general rule of thumb for any item of expenditure is that, for it to be allowable, it must be incurred wholly exclusively and necessarily for the purpose of the business.

Broadly speaking business travel can only be claimed to the extent that it is not part of your normal journey from home to your permanent place of work.

Where you use your own vehicle for company business the mileage rates should be based on the HMRC Approved Mileage Allowance Payments (AMAPs) which are detailed below:

Mileage 0 – 10,000 miles Over 10,000 miles
Car 45p per mile 25p per mile
Motor bike 25p per mile 25p per mile
Bicycle 20p per mile 20p per mile

Of course, all expenses should be substantiated by mileage logs and receipts where appropriate.

Other expenses that are allowable under travel and subsistence are as follows:

  • taxi fares
  • car parking
  • car hire
  • rail fares
  • tolls
  • hotel bills and overnight accommodation.
    Incidental overnight expenses up to £5 per night (£10 per night for travel outside the UK). Such expenses include newspapers, laundry or telephoning home.

Any expense claimed from the above should, of course, be accompanied by an itemised receipt.

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